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About Lion Taming

Lion Taming

Working Successfully with
Leaders, Bosses, and other Tough Customers

By Steven L. Katz
Published by Sourcebooks, Inc.

LION TAMING: Working Successfully with Leaders Bosses, and Other Tough Customers is the first book to recognize that everyone's real job includes the need to understand the people who wield power and influence and have strategies at their fingertips to communicate and work more effectively with them. It does so through the use of a metaphor that is already in people's minds. Lion taming is an identity and a role that you can step into whatever your actual job, position, title, or occupation may be. From executive assistant to CEO – there is always a bigger lion.

What unique story does Lion Taming tell?

LION TAMING: Working Successfully with Leaders Bosses, and Other Tough Customers uses both the metaphor of being a lion and of being a lion tamer to enable readers to read their own experiences into the book and create a strategy that fits their own personality and position. Being a lion is personal in a way that makes people in the workplace unique in the eyes of others-and so is being a lion tamer!

LION TAMING: Working Successfully with Leaders Bosses, and Other Tough Customers is able to bring the metaphor of being a lion tamer to life in a way no other book does because the author interviewed real lion tamers, watched them train and work, and blended their secrets and strategies with countless parallel experiences and stories from people across society and the workplace.

The book contains more than 75 Secrets of the Lion Tamers, quotes from many of the men and women whose workplace has been inside the steel-caged arena, such as:

  • "Lions are never tame, it takes strategies to deal with that"

  • "Lions always have your full attention but it is hard to hold their attention"

  • "Courage that is self-conscious betrays great fear!"

The Lion's Tale

Every chapter concludes with specific take-aways called The Lion's Tale summarizes each chapter and provide tips and strategies to step inside the lion tamer's shoes!

Lion taming is everyone's real job, and this book finally tells us how to do it!

How will LION TAMING benefit its readers/affect their lives?

  • Establish your own presence, authenticity, and credibility in the eyes of leaders, bosses, and other tough customers

  • Learn to identify the lions all around you, and separate the good ones from the bad ones.

  • Get inside the lion's skull by learning these tools:
    • The Lion's Four Senses
    • The Lion's Instinctive Identity

  • Understand that lions in the work place live in two social worlds:
    • The hierarchy-the world in which they establish they are a lion
    • The pride or organization that supports and enables their role as a lion

If you compete with or threaten the lions in your office, they will assume you are challenging their place in the hierarchy. But if you show that you are supporting their status, role, and objectives, you can be a very influential member of the pride or organization!

Summary of Lion Taming

LION TAMING: Working Successfully with Leaders, Bosses, and Other Tough Customers proves that imagination is still the fastest path to learning. Lions are the people we encounter and work with in every organization or business who wield power and influence. They roam freely across all occupations. By applying the metaphor of being a lion tamer, you will learn how to understand these lions and to team with them for effective and rewarding results.

LION TAMING is divided into three parts:

  1. Lions Are Never Tame helps you identify the lions in your midst, distinguish between the good lions and the bad lions, and understand what makes them tick. Lions act differently because they think differently, and we need to understand them as lions to work more effectively together. LION TAMING introduces the concepts of The Lion's Four Senses and The Lion's Instinctive Identity, which will serve as useful tools to "read" the lions you encounter and approach them with newfound ways to help both you and the lions be successful.

  2. The Art of Lion Taming heightens your self-awareness while teaching you the strategies and methods that real lion tamers use and how to apply them where you work. This includes the use of verbal and nonverbal cues and communication, closing the gap between attention getting and attention using; and how to avoid sticking your head in the lion's mouth!

  3. Lion Taming Is Really Lion Teaming reflects the cumulative nature of the experiences, lessons, and strategies throughout the book. These are embraced by the ultimate secret and irony of working as a lion tamer: leaders, bosses, and other tough customers are sensitive to being challenged as a lion but welcome the support, influence, and expertise of those who show that they are part of the lion's team. The best lion tamers inside the center ring and the boss's office understand that the foundation for teamwork is rapport, trust, confidence, and respect.

About the Author

Steven L. Katz, has worked for more than twenty years as a right-hand executive and senior advisor to leaders and executives across the worlds of business, politics, government and non-profit organizations. From Capitol Hill and the White House to boardrooms, clients, and customers, the author has developed the art of lion taming and added it to the lexicon of the workplace. Steven L. Katz has degrees in anthropology, history, and law. He lives with his family outside Washington, D.C. Author contact: Steven L. Katz,

Publisher Information
Lion Taming is published by Sourcebooks Inc. Publisher Contact: Vicky Brown, 1-800-432-7444


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